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We offer comprehensive heating services, from renovations to new installations, from maintenance to repairs. Our heating team provides modern and efficient solutions tailored to your needs and lifestyle.For any heating-related issues, you can count on our reliable heating engineers to restore comfort and warmth to your home quickly and efficiently.



Our ventilation team offers innovative ventilation systems for new builds that ensure optimal air quality and a healthy indoor environment. For any ventilation issues, our call-out service is on hand 24/7 to ensure fast, reliable repairs to improve your home’s air quality. 




Our plumbing team delivers first-class solutions for new-build projects, including state-of-the-art fixtures and fittings and bespoke design. We’d be happy to create your dream bathroom with you. In the event of any plumbing issues, our team of experienced professionals are ready to respond fast with quality repairs.

Planung Beratung



We offer trustworthy professional building services tailored to your individual requirements. Our dynamic team will work with you in the planning and design stage of your building, be it construction, conversion, or renovation. We value efficiency, functionality, and aesthetics to ensure your building meets your needs and current standards. From concept to implementation, we are your reliable partner to successfully realise your construction project.


In the gas sector, K+M Haustechnik AG offers comprehensive services for inspections and installations in the camping and festival domains. Our experts will ensure that your gas systems are functioning safely and efficiently. From regular inspections and checks to installing state-of-the-art gas systems, we are your reliable partner. We place the highest value on safety, quality, and customer satisfaction to ensure that your gas systems comply with applicable regulations and function smoothly.



Reparaturen 24h Service

Repairs ,

24/7 service

Our maintenance and repair services are available 24/7 to assist you with all of your property needs. We offer fast, quality repairs for all types of maintenance issues, be it heating, plumbing, or ventilation systems. Our highly experienced team of engineers and technicians is on hand for any emergency repairs, minimising downtime and disruption to your daily life. Our 24/7 call-out service is available to you 365 days a year.

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